Beam Design Services

Beam design selection isn’t an easy task, and it’s necessary to employ a team of skilled professionals in the field of structural engineering to make sure that your structure will be built correctly. Sigma Engineering Services offers beam design services so you can feel confident in the beam design for your project.


There are many choices when it comes to beam design:

  • Construction materials
  • Shape of the beams
  • Size of the beams
  • Specific construction methods employed to make beams
  • Whether the beams are hollow, solid, or sawed off at the ends

Depending on the choices made above, these types of beams, and other special beams catered to specific situations, can be chosen for your design:

  • I Beam
  • Cantilever Beam
  • Hip Beam

Choosing the correct beam design for your project requires the expertise of structural engineers, because getting the exact combination to assure stability of your building is a detailed and precise process. At our engineering firm, we employ only the best people, with both the educational background and the real world experience to deliver exceptional service to you, the client.

Finding the right beam design for your project can mean getting your project done under budget and within the allotted deadline. Beam design services allow you to begin the first step in your construction project; like any other project, the effort put into that first step determines whether the finished product will be successful. Let Sigma Engineering Services put over forty years of experience and expertise to work getting your project off on the right foot.

Are you ready to receive an estimate and discuss your beam design services needs with a representative from our firm? There are two ways to get started: fill out our simple, quick contact form online and a representative will be in touch with you, or call us directly at (713) 461-8584.