Commercial Engineering

Commercial engineering is a broad area of practice that comprises a wide range of professional skills. Commercial engineers apply their knowledge and capabilities to the business and commerce sectors, working primarily to design, plan and consult clients on versatile projects. The projects vary in size and complexity, but they all demand close coordination of the third parties involved in the overall construction and infrastructure assignments.


Sigma’s Commercial Engineering Division provides its services for over two decades. Our highly skilled engineers have worked on projects like office buildings, post offices, fire stations, restaurants, hotels and more. They created many types of retail and industrial design, delivering significant efficiencies through specialization, comprehensive insight and extensive experience.


Sigma’s engineers support our clients with innovative, adaptable, and safe designs, always meeting the specific needs and desires of our clients. Most recently we have worked hard to strengthen our reputation as a reliable sub-contractor among the architectural community, generating impressive results.

After working with several mixed teams in the past, we fully understand the delicate balance between “proactive” and tempered initiatives, which surface when multiple parties and interests are concerned. But at Sigma Engineering don’t believe in showcasing egos. We believe in structural integrity and design perfection. That’s why we’re willing to do what it takes to get the job done and please our clients.