Q: Who is Sigma Engineering Services?

A: Sigma Engineering is a full service engineering, design and consulting firm, serving construction and petro chemical firms all over the state of Texas and parts of the East Coast. Our main focus is on providing the most professional consulting services for commercial, industrial, residential and institutional markets, as well as civil/structural solutions for oil and gas companies.

Q: What experience do you have in your field?

A: At Sigma Engineering our professional strength resides in our people. Our outstanding heritage of employee growth has continually helped us attract the best and brightest minds in the field. Guided by the company’s mission and values, our people break new ground to reach the most professional and effective consulting and practical solutions. Our goal is to be the very best at what we do, combining commitment and service guarantee. This unique approach has allowed us to maintain a leading role in our industry.

Q: What makes you so special compared to other consulting services?

A: The main characteristic that makes our company special is the winning combination of our vast expertise, market reputation and extensive professional knowledge. When you work with Sigma’s team you can rest assured that you get something truly special. Part of our uniqueness stems from being a highly respected engineering company which brings a value-added component to our consultation services. Understanding the market and each client’s unique requirements is critical to our success over the long haul.

Q: Is our business information kept private when we work with you?

A: Absolutely! We will NEVER share your information with another company. Please see our privacy policy.

Q. How can your consulting services help me?

A: Our consulting services are based on a broad perspective that enables us to analyze processes, needs and objectives, reaching the best solutions in terms of planning and implementation. Our consulting services produce the most beneficial decisions, at the most affordable prices, delivering the best possible return on investment.

Q. Why should we outsource engineering and design services?

A. Many of our clients have asked this question before partnering with us. They wondered why they should hire outside engineering and design services instead of making them by themselves. Well, the reason is very obvious. Today’s tough and challenging market, together with the increasing tough competition, place huge pressure on the company’s management. The daily management tasks require more and more time, attention and focus. There is not much time left for specific engineering, planning and design tasks. Moreover, these tasks involve higher specialization and knowledge. That’s why in many cases outsourcing is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

Q: What should I do if I have questions about products or services?

A: We’d be happy to answer your questions. Please email or call us and one of our senior representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.