Frame Design Services

Sigma Engineering Services has decades of experience with frame design services. The complexity of structural frames, involving beams, columns, spandrels, trusses, and girders, requires skill and expertise during the design stage. Our firm employs only the most skilled professionals with a solid academic background and practical experience, so you can trust us with your frame design project.


The stability of your structure is entirely dependent on a quality frame design. Not only is stability an issue in maintaining the integrity of your structure for years to come, but current building codes and regulations dictate much of your frame design. Our frame design services guarantee that your structure is stable, reliable, and complies with all relevant standards.

At Sigma Engineering Services, we can cater your frame design to meet your exact structural needs. We’ll include you in the decision making process every step of the way, so your individual vision for your structure will show in the final product. There will be a team of experienced professionals that will be able to connect with you to assure that your needs are met, and that a high quality frame design plan will be finished on time and within a predetermined budget.

Looking for a firm that has experience with green building projects to offer frame design services for your project? At Sigma Engineering Services, we’ve been involve with green building projects in the past and can cater a frame design plan to your environmental concerns.

Would you like to discuss your project and receive a quote from our firm? Start out by filling out our simple, online contact form so a representative can get in touch with you. Prefer contacting us directly instead of waiting for a representative to call you? Call us directly at (713) 461-8584 to get started on your frame design plan today.