Modular Buildings

In many cases, modular buildings offer significant advantages compared to conventional buildings. Modular buildings demand shorter construction time, they enable much more flexibility, they reduce site disruption, they are less costly and they can be used for many specific purposes.


The many benefits of modular buildings have resulted in widespread acceptance of modular construction as a better alternative to conventional construction. They are almost indistinguishable from typical site built properties and at the same time they are highly beneficial to the environment, reducing production and construction wastage.

Identifying the many benefits and advantages of modular buildings, Sigma’s engineers have specialized in this challenging market. Today we offer a wide range of design, planning and consultation services, for any purpose of modular construction: office buildings, health centers, commercial modular buildings, single and multi-story, educational facilities, relocation projects and more.

Since modular buildings are extremely flexible in terms of location and use, our skilled engineers will analyze your specific needs and requirements in great detail. We’ll come up with the best solutions and designs for your modular building project, presenting you with the most cost effective, fast and efficient alternatives. Given our proven competence you’ll soon realize that contacting us was one of the best parts of your modular decisions.