Rebar Concrete Beam Design Services

If your structural design project needs rebar concrete beam design, employing the assistance of an experienced structural engineering firm is a must.


There are many choices in design and construction materials when it comes to rebar concrete beams, including:

  • Size of the beam
  • Shape of the beam
  • Whether the beam is solid, hollow, or sawed off
  • Construction materials used to form the beam
  • Techniques used to construct the beam

Figuring out the exact combination of the above choices is a difficult process, requiring skill and precision. At Sigma Engineering Services, we employ only the most skilled professionals, with both the education and the real world know-how to design your rebar concrete beams in the best way to fit your structure. We’ll calculate both how much force the beams in your structure will need to withstand, and will then evaluate the ability of each of the variables in beam design to determine which kind of rebar concrete beam can handle these forces.

Depending on the choices made for your rebar concrete beam design, our firm will choose one of the following types of beams for your project:

  • Cantilever Beam
  • Hip Beam
  • I Beam
  • Customized Beams for Special Circumstances

Rebar concrete beam design services represent the first step in your structural engineering project. When quality and cost effectiveness are important, having a firm with 40 years of experience on your side will let you get the results you need while staying on deadline and under budget.

To be contacted by a representative regarding our rebar concrete beam design services, fill out our quick, easy contact form online. If you’d prefer to call us directly to further discuss your project and to receive a quote, you can speak to a representative by calling (713) 461-8584.