Slab Design Services

Having professionals assist you with your slab design means that you’ll be getting flooring specifically customized to the needs of your structural engineering project. At Sigma Engineering Services, we specialize in assisting with the selection of the type of slab and slab design services to meet these unique needs.


We can design different types of slabs, depending on your needs:

One-way Slab

This type of slab is designed so that there is steel run through the concrete perpendicular to the support beams. The perpendicular aspect of the steel reinforcement runs in one direction, giving the one-way slab its name. One-way slabs are particularly useful in dealing with stresses on the structure from extreme temperature or quick temperature changes, and also help evenly distribute loads.

Two-way Slab

In a two-way slab, beams run along all four edges of the slab, all of which are reinforced with steel.

Flat Slab

It is possible for a slab to be supported by columns rather than beams or girders. This type of slab is referred to as a flat slab, and is often chosen over other design choices because it is more reinforced, leading to better stability. The construction of a flat slab is simpler than than of other kinds, and it is better able to hold loads without risk of collapse.

When you need the help of a structural engineering firm for slab design services, look no further than Sigma Engineering Services. With over 40 years of experience in structural engineering, including slab design services, we have the knowledge and the experience to deliver superior quality designs to you that are cost effective. To get started on your slab design project, call Sigma Engineering Services today at (713) 461-8584, or fill out our simple, convenient online form to be contacted by a representative.